Coaches, it's not too late to access the 12 Days of Coaching bonus workshop: Launch Your 2023! 

Whether you are excited about the new year or feeling quite blah—this event will serve you. Together we will:

Review: I'll lead you through a beautiful end-of-year process I follow. The coaches I've shared this with have been truly astounded by the result. If you've never fully taken in the fullness and beauty of your life—you will now!

Dream: I'll guide you through a meditation to get you feeling good and allow you and your Wisdom to lead you from there. This visioning process is super fun. No it's not a vision board—it's way better than that!

Coaching: In the last hour you'll hear the specific coaching from questions asked within this community. You'll learn how to structure/enhance the client renewal process. What to do when your mind is busy battling your desire to rest, as well as how to support yourself in taking consistent action—especially if action isn't your go-to way of being.  

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